About AJF

This website was created by the Access to Justice Foundation (AJF), a poverty law resource center dedicated to providing opportunity for quality civil legal assistance for low-income Kentuckians. This is accomplished by supporting Kentucky's four Legal Services programs and pro bono lawyers and promoting awareness in the legal community of the need for volunteers to assist poor Kentuckians in civil matters.

Access to Justice is financed by government and private sources to ensure a continued and expanded availability of civil legal representation, regardless of ability to pay. To do this, AJF promotes public awareness of the need for public support of legal assistance for the poor. AJF also provides training to legal services lawyers and private attorneys in legal issues of concern to low-income Kentuckians by producing seminars and coordinating the sharing of information between providers of legal assistance to the poor.

Access to Justice provides free legal assistance over the telephone to seniors and their caregivers through its Legal HelpLine for Older Kentuckians. This is the only legal service that Access To Justice provides due to staff and funding limitations. Those seeking legal representation in civil matters should contact their local legal services program.

At Access to Justice, we work daily with our Legal Services and private attorney partners to help make access to the civil justice system a reality for poor Kentuckians. We hope that this website is helpful in enhancing understanding of the critical need for expanded resources to meet the legal needs of poor people.